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heather in chile

my semester abroad in chile

Heather Michaels
21 March 1988
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My name is Heather Michaels I was a third-year college student at Elmhust College in 2008 when I studied abroad at the Universidad Austral de Chile (in Valdivia, Chile). This journal contains my a pretty good record of my experiences abroad, lots of pictures, and general commentary on the universal study abroad experience. Since I switched the email address associated with this account, I'll be pretty good about responding to questions and comments. If you have any questions about Chile or studying abroad, I'd be happy to answer them, just leave me a comment somewhere!

I graduated in 2010 from Elmhurst College with a BA in English (focus in creative writing) and Spanish, as well as a minor in French. I'm currently contemplating a return to Chile to work as a volunteer English teacher - just have to iron out all the details. When that happens, I will revive this blog! If you're interested in reading about my other adventures (abroad and at home) check out my personal blog - http://aperfectsong.livejournal.com. Most entries related to travel are public!